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Now that we were formally introduced one week ago http://jspring74.com/1-introduction, let’s begin our discussion. This week I will address, “Understanding Social Engagement”.

Understanding social engagement
No matter if you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert, social engagement is something that everyone needs to partake in. For some of us, social engagement is the act of going out on the weekends and hanging out with our friends. On the other hand, for others, it can simply be playing video games over the internet with friends and using a headset. Thanks to technology, many younger generations are finding social engagement on social networks while the older generations tend to stick to face-to-face engagements. No matter what type of social engagement you prefer, it’s something that each and everyone one of us must partake in, in order to keep our sanity.

Similarly to the types of engagement we individually prefer, there is also a variable amount of time that each and every one of us likes to participate in social engagement. For some, it can be dozens of hours per week and for others it can simply be an hour or 2 per week. No matter how you personally define social engagement, after reading this post, you’ll have a much better understanding on the subject.

Social Engagement: A Birds-Eye View
Because the term “social engagement” is such a broad topic, I’d like to break down a few important factors. Have you ever thought about where people socialize and why they do it there? Or have you ever asked yourself the question of why do people socialize in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at these questions individually:

Why Do People Socialize Where they Do?
Bars, festivals, traveling, live entertainment, parties, family events, or any other popular venue or forum are usually places for socialization. People tend to choose these places for many reasons including:

  • These locations/events are normally a neutral spot to meet up
  • There are no “hosts” that have to constantly worry about their guests 24/7
  • Other people provide food and drinks
  • There is a unique form of entertainment that appeals all of the guests

Why Do We Socialize In The First Place?
Simply put, socializing is part of being human. If you prefer small amounts of socialization, consider hanging out with a smaller group of friends. However, it’s clear that socialization is a large part of being human. Some people need to socialize to get through a problem or possibly receive help with something they’re dealing with. Being open with others and having a relationship with them is something that needs to be done in some fashion by every human being.

Social engagement is a very broad topic and every person on this planet defines it differently, but needs to partake in it in some fashion. There are literally endless options in regard to socializing, and it’s something that should not be ignored. All in all, social engagement is part of being human and it’s something that we all need within our lives.

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