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Good Day, All. Picking up from our previous dialog, Social Engagement usually refers to a person’s participation in a social group or social activity. It is directly related to one’s mental well-being, as high social engagement in a normal and conformist society increases one’s happiness as well as mental and physical health. Social engagement differs from social networking as a social network focuses mainly on the groups and not on the activities. Here, I have listed 5 different types of social engagement:

Live Entertainment: Entertainment is a means of drowning the monotony of our daily lives Live Entertainment shows (such as music festivals, theatre, art show, sports events etc.) helps you connect with like-minded people. It helps people form a bond over a common matter and thus fosters a sense of belonging. It provides you with an opportunity to link with people who have similar likes and dislikes.

Festivals: Festivals have been bringing people closer together since time immemorial. They help to shape the feeling of community. When you go out to celebrate any festival you will definitely interact with different people, make new friends and take part in some activities together. There are certain festivals – like the African Street Festival in Nashville, TN – which are celebrated to propagate cultural heritage and provides a sense of bondage between people who share the same interests, irrespective of community and culture, thus binding the whole human society together. Use social media platforms like Facebook to discover Live Entertainment promotions and learn of Festivals like those provided by “Music City Acts“.

Travel: Traveling lets you view new parts of the world and lets you interact with people you have never met before. Travel is a great way to increase your social engagement as affords you the opportunity to interact with people on a global level. You can learn about their language, their culture and heritage and vice versa.

Family Affairs: In the present day and age, some are too busy to find time to visit each of their family members once a year. Family gatherings – be it a wedding, anniversary or just a simple holiday celebration – lets you engage in a social conversation and take part in different social activities together. These interactions create memories and strengthens the bond between the members.

Social Media: In this new digital age, social media is the new frontier of the majority of social exchanges. Various social media websites are bridging the gap between people and bringing us close together. You can now interact with a total stranger over the internet while sitting comfortably in your home.

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