Biography of James M. Springer

Born in Nashville, TN and the eldest of three, James M. Springer (affectionately referred to as “jspring”), inherited his spirit of entrepreneurship from a family of women. As an adolescent, they often preached to him: “God Bless the Child That’s Got His Own”. In the absence of his living father, James regards his mother as his childhood “shero”. He believes she was a bonafide hustler who epitomized the term “Go-Getter” well before he understood it to be mainstream. As a young teen, James recalls the pressure he placed on himself to master resourcefulness and productivity in the ways his mother did. “She always found a way out of what appeared to be no way. In my eyes, this was a regal trait that ultimately lead to ownership of her own business in the new millennium”, he remarks.

Mr. Springer shares that he was a social misfit (of sorts) during his Junior High and High School years. This forced him to seek acceptance of his individuality outside of his school zone and residential neighborhood. At age 14, he began a rite of passage that plays a sustaining role in the man he is today. “I was invited to become a member of a teen club in the South Nashville community that taught accountability, culture, economic development and the importance of self-worth. Our mentors taught my like-minded co-eds and I that great responsibility came with success.” he says. It was through the Community Center that James was able to develop his skills as a natural born leader, young entrepreneur and marketer.

During these transitional years, James was as dedicated to his youth group as anything else in his life. So much so, he rode the city transit bus from his Northeast residence to the South Nashville center usually 6 days a week. His active involvement in the life of the center, its clients and his peers did not go unnoticed. In 1994, he accepted a position as a clerical aid at the non-profit. Three years later, his position was promoted to Assistant Director of Youth Programs. The progression steered his employment direction towards Project Production and Administrative Support.

In 2003, James decided to utilize the skills developed as an Administrative Professional to pursue his passion for creating multi-directional businesses. Currently, he is a Mobile Disc Jockey, Entertainment Promoter, Social Networking Marketer, E-commerce Practitioner and a Thespian.

As part of his living legacy, Mr. Springer wants to create a large scale Non-Profit organization. The goal is to develop programs that solve the need for educational, health and social empowerment in ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Many of these efforts will be made possible via collaborations with community based organizations who design and implement similar initiatives.

James studied Speech Communication and Theatre at Tennessee State University and will begin pursuit of an MBA in the foreseeable future.