Here’s a list of things I’ve been discussing with friends, family, loved-ones, associates and perfect strangers:

The dialogue surrounding:
* Bernie Sanders’ Following
* The 45th POTUS
* Steve Harvey
* Ray Lewis

The new fondness for the word and deeds of “Petty”

Demonizing good people who make mistakes

Generational Curses / Behaviors / Traditions

The Blind Leading The Blind

Thin Skin

Self-Accountability (and what that SHOULD look like)

Wolves in Sheep Clothing

The spotlight placed on the National protests of injustice

Passionate Dialogue vs perceived Angry Rhetoric

The outgoing popularity and practice of faith-based religion

Accurate vs Inaccurate Discernment

Recently, I started a blog [ James Matthew | Blog ]. Perhaps I should consider adding the topics above as subject matters to start writing about. Hmmmmm ……..